Siren-Movie Communication

The communication department is in charge of the management of the profile of its company in Internet drawn through the more popular social networks of the moment, as well as the positioning and the presence in forums and finders.
  • 74% of the Internet users have been entering their social networks and for at least 2 times on a daily basis the day. This opens a great window at the time of being able to also position its brand in them and the possibility of improving its business thanks to the direct interaction with the client.

In what social networks I will be present?

The more popular social network and with more users throughout everybody. Thanks to the profiles, the €œfan page €œ, and making use of the system of friendships and subscriptions will make possible an ample loyalty of the client.
The social network of microblogging, being one of the quick and dynamic communication channels but that exist in Internet, which is translated in a fast expansion of the message on the product
It is a specialized social network in professional profiles and of company. With the creation of a profile in her we will be able to offer more presence to your business in the professional scope, to add your employees and to facilitate the later integration of new talents
Google +
The bet of Google in the market of the social networks, help to the positioning of your brand due to the priority in the searches of Google. Your company will have a profile and a page to be able to friendly and power to interact with them through this channel.

The social networks are a changeable world and where they always appear new forms of communication, therefore we will not leave of side new social networks as Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Line, Telegram, etc. Always adapting us to its dedicated server hosting company and seeing the possibility of integrating these new social networks to its company.

And search engine optimization?

The comuniaci³n department also manages the campaigns that will take your brand to the first positions of the most popular finders (Google, Bing€¦) under safe policies of positioning for your profiles online and next to the use of key words (Keywords) that are associated to your corporative image and your products.
  • In addition campaigns of sponsored positioning are managed, also known as €œpayment by click €œ, as the configuration of campaigns for Google AdWords, the tool of publicity of the network of Google, and you can do this easily with our cheap kvm vps hosting service.
  • All these systems of communication report valuable information on the communication between company and client, as the brand is perceived and as it arrives at the client. We use this information to create more and more precise campaigns.